Language barriers when travelling abroad


My daughter is currently travelling in Vietnam. She has teamed up with a number of people, mostly from the UK but there others from Europe as well as Australia and New Zealand. Obviously the Aussies and the Kiwis speak English but everyone speaks English. Apparently people from New Zealand get very upset if you assume they are Australian! One of the guys from Australia was hit by a moped and had to go to hospital. The doctor spoke perfect English having been taught at St Marys Paddington and the nurses could hold a conversation in English.
Alex has been travelling in Asia now for six months and at no point has she had trouble communicating. We have drivers from all points of the globe and all with the same common bond. They speak English. Our chauffeurs are very often multi lingual speaking not only their native tongue and English but also having picked up a smattering of words from all of their clients. So they have some Russian along with other Eastern European languages. They will be able to converse in any number of languages from the Middle East.
All of which puts me to shame and thankful that English is seen as the international language. I watch politicians from Sweden, Denmark etc being interviewed about Brexit and all speaking in perfect English. I’m pretty confident that the likes of Cameron, Corbyn don’t give interviews in Dutch or Danish.

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