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Our clients recognise the contribution we make to keeping their transport on track, and on time. If there’s one thing that unites, it’s the trust that they put into us, after all, we transport their most valuable assets on a daily basis. They recognise the degree of reliability, security and accountability we offer.


Collecting you and your shopping from Morrisons Harrow or Sainsbury Kenton. Picking you up from the station when it’s pouring with rain. Bringing you home from the hospital or doctors. Getting you home safely from a night out. Your minicab company open twenty four hours a day seven days a week.


Getting you to the airport on time. A one day business trip or a two week holiday. The right vehicle with enough space for you and your luggage. A trip to relatives, so much easier in a car. No waiting for a bus to get on a train to wait for a bus. And when you want to come home the same driver waiting to collect you.


We only accept bookings we know we can do properly. If we say ten minutes we mean ten minutes. We want it to be personal. Chances are we spoke to your driver this morning, inspected his car, discussed your booking. He didn’t just switch on his smart phone, tap an app and tell a computer he was ready to work.


With the exception of meeting a new born baby, no one really wants to go to Hospital. With Interline you can at least making getting there and back pain free. An estate car for your collapsible wheelchair. An MPV if you need extra leg room or simply a driver who helps you to and from the car. Your appointment at the doctors goes far more smoothly with a car to take you there and then ready and waiting to get you home.


Interline has been serving the business community for thirty years and many of our account clients have been with us from the beginning. An account facility brings you access to all our services through one portal. Our itemised invoice allows your company the opportunity to keep a tight rein
on expenditure and give a clear picture on the usage of your account. Please contact us for detailed information and to how an account can work for you.


For any number of reasons moving through an airport terminal has become time consuming, frustrating and stressful. We cannot influence the vagaries of airline travel but we can ensure that your journey begins with a vehicle arriving on time, a driver to help you with your luggage and, on your return, a friendly face to help you to the car and drive you back home safe and sound at a price you can afford.

Interline, a Family Affair

Interline, a Family Affair

The owners of our company were amongst the first minicab drivers in this country when a company called Welbeck opened it’s doors for business in 1961. They ran and worked for several companies before establishing Interline in Harrow in the early 1970’s.

They are getting on in years but still turn up every week to make sure we are doing it properly! Others in the family have taken the reins now but we are proud of our long history and work hard to maintain the same standards that have kept us here all this time.

We like to feel that with this huge wealth of experience we can respond to any request. Wherever you or your parcel are going someone within our office will have been there before. No amount of technology can replace knowledge gained over thirty plus years

Our Minicab Fleet

We have the largest available fleet, on demand. The number of people travelling, how many cases, large and small. Sports equipment, child seats, all of which can make huge difference to the type of vehicle you require. From the standard, or executive, saloon to the estate car and MPV for multiple occupancy, call us to discuss your requirements.
Standard Saloon
Standard Saloon
4 passengers
MPV People Mover
MPV People Mover
6 passengers
Estate Car
Estate Car
4 passengers

Client Testimonials

Below are just a few of our valued client's comments, are and there are many more. 35 years in business with tens of thousands of happy clients behind us!

We are undoubtedly the best minicab company around, consumer or corporate we can help you. Use the Click-to-Call button below to speak with us.

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